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Low Cost, Convenient, Secure Storage Facilities Basingstoke
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Alexander James Basingstoke are able to offer a low cost and secure storage option. We offer crate storage which is most suited for people wanting long term storage. Our storage is offered in 250 cubic feet crates which is about the size of a large wooden shed. Getting your items into storage couldn't be more convenient. There are 3 different ways that this can be done.

  1. We can come to you and load your belongings into crates which are in purpose built vehicles.
  2. We can bring a crate to you, you load the crate, and then we can collect it.
  3. You can bring your belongings to our storage unit and load the crates yourself.
  4. If you decide to bring your belongings to our storage unit and load them into the crates yourselves then there will be no charge for this, so you will just be invoiced for the storage cost.

Access to Your Crates

Our crate storage which is best suited for people wanting to store items for a longer period. We have managed to keep our prices as low as they are by making sure that there is a minimal access policy to the crates. If there are a few occasions whene you need access to your crates we would need 48 hours notice to advise the warehouse. Due to this there would be a nominal charge of £15.00 per crate.


We charge £12.50 per crate plus £2.00 for insurance per week.

We are able to supply you with removal blankets at a one of charge of £2.00 per blanket.

Alexander James Basingstoke storage is payable 4 weeks in advance.

When you decide to have your belongings out of storage we will refund you any unused but paid storage so you only pay the exact time that your goods are in storage.


Each crate comes with £500.00 worth of insurance.

Should you want additional insurance for your crate then this can be provided at an additional cost of £1.00 per £1,000 of insurance.

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removals Basingstoke

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